In this section I would like to trace and demonstrate the development of my painting career. Studies of the traditional European masters with an emphasis on the Renaissance period influenced my first works. Later on the German expressionist movement had a major impact on my painting. Subsequently the modern abstract movement from America changed my style for a short period until I developed my own language.


My many returns to reailsm over the years has helped me maintain a technical and disciplined approach to form and nurture my love for traditional painting. It also meant a welcome balance to my more bizarre and fantastic visions.

Fantastic Realism

The freedom to invent new pictorial realities, - whilst at the same time commenting on the human condition, - is a time-honoured practice by painters of many generations from Bosch to Max Ernst and onwards. For me this process envolves encounters with ecstatic planes of expression and releases me from orthodox norms.


Drawings for me are the art of allowing spontaneous line full play. It also means the direct and instant realisation of life situations very often with multiple aspects.


The challenge to reveal character is central to this discipline, a discipline that represents a great tradition in Western culture. I have painted around 80 portraits which range from strict realism to expressionism.

Constructions and Installations

My three-dimensional pieces are an extension of the iconography of my fantastic-realism paintings. They are really improvisations using everyday materials.

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